As a lifelong Michigander, I have long dreamed of eventually wrapping up my career endeavors and moving someplace warm and sunny. To me, this was a goal that always seemed extremely far removed in time, but I was never deterred. After our youngest child graduated from college and my husband and I seriously contemplated retirement, I realized that my southern paradise was beckoning me for real.

Though we knew we wanted sun, fun, and warmth, neither of us was certain just where we ought to settle. Ultimately, we decided to follow the lead of some of our very close friends and make a move to Bradenton. Having visited the area often in the past, we knew that the climate, culture, and amenities would suit us perfectly.

The last final hurdle he had was to find the perfect spot to call home. We wanted somewhere our family would feel comfortable visiting often, but also someplace we could easily maintain as we age. The assistance of a highly qualified Bradenton real estate agent was crucial in the ideal outcome we ultimately achieved.

Now that we have been in our Florida home for several months, we have never been more convinced of the wisdom of our decision. Life really could not be better!